About VLCD

The problem is in your head, not IN your stomach!

Slanka helps you to lose weight in a quick and healthy manner, but in order to maintain what you achieved, you must be determined and change your attitude.

Get used to the new attitude:
“This is serious: it’s now I who controls and takes responsibility for my life.”

We are here to help you to change your way of thinking in order to adopt a new lifestyle and habits. We provide you the means, but it is up to you whether their effect on you proves to be long-time or not.

Safe weight control

Very Low Calorie Diet products are a tried and tested method, which is used in hospitals and weight loss clinics worldwide. Slanka is a new product on the market, and is included in this product segment.

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Quickly and efficiently have a greater chance

Studies indicate that people, who lose weight quickly and effectively, have a greater chance to achieve their goal than these, who prefer slower methods. Earlier, researchers used to claim exactly the opposite, but more recent results refute their earlier findings.

In several studies, well overweight participants were divided into two groups. Their goal was to lose 15% of their weight. After one week, participants in the first group had lost 1.5 kg and those in the other group only 0.5 kg. When analysing research, it was found that 85% of the participants in the quick weight loss group had achieved the goal, while in the second group this was the case for only 50% of the participants.

VLCD Viktkontroll, Livsmedelsverket

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Studie – VLCD

Reports on tasks for scientific cooperation. Collection of data on products intended for use in very low calorie diets.

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Studies carried out in Karolinska University and Sahlgrenska University hospitals in Sweden verify among other things that VLCD products are safe.
Slanka products are  approved by the Food Inspectorate in Sweden, Statens Livsmedelsverk.

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