About Slanka

Can I switch between the Slanka Maxi and Slanka Kombi diets?
If you have opted for the Slanka Maxi diet, the weight loss process is easier thanks to ketone bodies that reduce the feeling of hunger. By consuming extra calories you suffer the risk of terminating ketosis (the threshold value is 500 kcal and 50 grams of carbohydrates – this is the exact amount you get from three packets of Slanka powder). If you eat more than that, glycogen reserves are refilled and water (about 2 litres) is retained in the body. In such a case you may gain approximately 2 kilos. You continue to lose weight, but it takes more time, though. If you choose to continue with the Slanka Maxi diet, take into account that your body needs up to three days to start generating ketone bodies again.
Will my stomach shrink as a result of consuming Slanka products?
The stomach can be compared to a soft and elastic balloon. You can blow it up or stretch it out, but it will not shrink to its original size. It is said the stomach should be the size of a fist. Remember this when eating your next meal.
Will my fat cells shrink as a result of consuming Slanka products?
Fat cells shrink as a result of losing weight. Fat cells do not disappear, they just become smaller.
Will my metabolism slow down as a result of adhering to the Slanka Maxi or the Slanka Kombi diet?
Metabolism changes as a result of your losing or gaining weight.
How much weight can I lose with the Slanka Maxi diet?
1–5 kilos a week. Women lose less weight than men.
How much weight can I lose with the Slanka Kombi diet?
0.5–3 kilos a week. Women lose less weight than men.
Is it necessary to eat low-fat foods when following the Slanka Kombi diet?
Always choose low-fat foods over those with a high fat content, because 1 gram of fat contains 9 kcal, but 1 gram of protein or carbohydrates only 4 kcal. You must change your eating habits. What counts when dieting is the total mount of calories consumed in a day. Opting for the Slanka Kombi diet teaches you how to limit and plan your meals. You will acquire new knowledge, the habit of healthy living and the skill of maintaining a constant weight.
Is it necessary to avoid carbohydrates when following the Slanka Kombi diet?
You should avoid fast carbohydrates. Be careful and avoid foods that contain white sugar, flour and white rice. Also, avoid sweets, jams, pasta, white bread, pastries, pies, cakes, cookies, chocolate, lasagne, alcohol, etc. Eat a wide selection of vegetables, because these contain slow carbohydrates. Reduce the amount of salt and cut out fast food.
Does Slanka diet put pressure on the internal organs?
Slanka products do not cause harm to vital organs and muscles while the body uses its fat reserves to produce energy. Ketone bodies also strengthen the immune system.
I am lactose intolerant. Can I use Slanka products?
If you are lactose intolerant, we recommend that you choose specialised Slanka products containing the enzyme lactosum, which breaks down lactose (milk sugar), casein (milk protein) and whey protein (beta-lactoglobulin), or take pills which neutralise lactose. If you are not extremely lactose intolerant, we suggest that before starting a longer Slanka Maxi diet you try some of our products. Another option is to divide the content of a packet into two portions, keeping a 30-minute gap between eating the first and the second serving and drinking plenty of water meanwhile.
I am gluten intolerant. Can I use Slanka products?
Yes, you can eat Slanka soups and milkshakes.
I am adhering to all the recommendations, but I am not losing any weight. What is the problem?
Do not give up! It is completely normal that your weight does not change for quite some time. Your body says: “No, I do not want this!” In such a case it is very important to keep adhering to the recommendations and, if you desire, contact a Slanka expert. You will start losing weight soon. The liver and kidneys work intensively during weight loss, and body fat and muscles undergo changes. If you feel unsure, take a measuring tape and instead on stepping on a scale, measure yourself.
What is the difference between just fasting and eating Slanka products?
Losing weight with the help of extra low-calorie diet products means that you eat a high-value mix with a correct protein, carbohydrate and fat content, which provides your body with all necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. At the same time your body continues to burn fat. However, when just fasting, your body burns primarily muscle tissue and a certain measure of excessive fat.
Can I keep a prepared shake or soup in a thermos?
No, the mix should be consumed in 10–15 minutes.
Can I use Slanka when I’m breastfeeding?
Our recommendation is that you wait a while with using Slanka VLCD food. There is plenty of time ahead for you to use Slanka. The reason you should not eat Slanka while breastfeeding depends partly because your little baby has so small liver and can’t break down the minerals.
Will I gain weight again if I stop the diet?
Weight loss and maintaining a certain weight requires changes in your lifestyle. If you revert to your old eating habits, you will gain weight. Make Slanka shakes and soups a natural part of your new eating habits. If you have eaten too much during the weekend, the following week replace 5–10 meals with Slanka shakes. Replace your breakfast or lunch with our shakes or drink them before a big meal, because this helps you to avoid overeating. Keep in mind that the body tends to build up fat reserves, preparing for a period of hunger, which will never arrive.