Lifestyle changes

Does working out enhance fat burning?
Yes, because it is muscles that burn calories in the body. The body burns a mix of carbohydrates and fat. Low-intensity workout increases the efficiency of fat burning.
Is daily physical activity really as beneficial as told?
Indeed, it is. When working out, you burn mole calories and use more energy. In addition, physical activity supresses the feeling of hunger, you will have a more stable blood sugar level and can better distinguish real hunger from hunger brought on by emotions. Also, exercising helps to lower the blood sugar and cholesterol level: your muscle mass increases, blood pressure and blood fat levels drop and metabolism improves. Adhering to an active lifestyle guarantees faster metabolism around the clock. It is recommended to go every day for a 30-minute walk.
Should I eat anything particular before and after workout sessions?
It is most beneficial to drink water to have your body’s liquid reserves full. You get necessary nutrients from three Slanka powders, which enable the body to burn fat and preserve the muscle mass. The more you eat, the less fat you burn. Be careful when working out during the Slanka Maxi diet. It is important that you feel well during dieting.
The display of an exercise machine indicates that I have burned 420 kcal. How can I be sure that this is true?
A number of factors affect fat burning, such as genes, sex, age, height, movement patterns, hormones, the amount of water in the body, the food we eat, etc. You can never be completely sure. Such calculations are always based on average results and rates. 1 gram of fat is 9 kcal, which means that for losing one kilo of fat you need to burn 9000 calories. This equals 60 minutes of fast walking once a day for the period of one month.
Do extra low-calorie diets affect metabolism?
All known studies indicate that weight loss speeds up metabolism and vice versa. Slanka powders make the body to burn fat and protects muscles.
Does weight loss have an effect on high blood pressure?
Overweight people have double risk of developing high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a risk factor that contributes to the development of other serious health problems. Weight loss is the first step toward controlling high blood pressure. Often a weight loss of 10–20% is enough to stop taking medicines for high blood pressure. If you have lost weight, discuss this subject with your doctor.
How important is it really to count calories?
The amount of calories you get from food vs. the amount of calories you spend is what determines the rate of your weight loss. Knowing the calorie content of different food products may be of great help.
How dangerous is the so-called yo-yo effect?
Yo-yo effect is a sign of wrong eating habits. We lose weight to a certain extent and then gain weight again. Slanka consultants give you advice on the phone, over the Internet or at personal appointments on how to embrace new eating habits and change your attitude to food. Recent studies indicate that permanent overweight is more dangerous than the yo-yo effect. Overweight in itself is a huge health risk.
Should I continue eating healthily after I have achieved the desired weight?
By now, you have changed your eating habits and lifestyle. In order to maintain the desired weight, you should not revert to your old habits. Stick to the new lifestyle for the rest of your life. When the amount of calories you eat exceeds the amount of calories you spend, you will gain weight. Adhere to the food plate model and do not take second servings. Do your best to avoid foods that contain white sugar, white flour and white rice. Be physically active. Find a training routine that works for you. An easy way to reduce your weekly amount of consumed calories is to replace regular food with 5–10 Slanka powders. For the rest of meals, follow the food plate model.
Can I take Slanka powders with me when travelling?
Yes, even to aeroplanes, but not in a liquid form.