Possible side effects

Drink at least 3 litres of water a day when on the Slanka Maxi diet. When feeling drowsy, drink more water.
Bowel movement
Stress, sedentary work, drinking an insufficient amount of water and other factors may affect the stomach. Constipation is a common problem among people whose work is sedentary and stressful. In such a case, we recommend to take fibre pills. Take one pill in the evening of the third day with lots of water. From there on, take half a pill or a whole pill every second day, if necessary. Also, you can prepare flaxseed according to instructions given on the packaging. This does not involve the risk of terminating ketosis and it is very important to ensure regular bowel movement. While you continue to lose weight, it is very important that you feel well.
Why to drink plenty of water?
Our food contains a great amount of water. If you replace regular food with extra low-calorie diet products or Slanka Maxi powders, you should drink plenty of water. Drinking lots of water helps to avoid headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, dry skin and low spirits. Also, water aids the body in discharging toxins, which are the by-product of turning fat into energy. Although falling into the category of food substitutes, Slanka powders feature a high concentration of nutrients and drinking lots of water makes eating them easier and more pleasant.
Why do I have increased urine excretion?
If you eat regular food, you get a larger amount of salts, which bind up water. When dieting, you drink more water and get less salts than usual, because you are not consuming regular food.
I do not feel that well when eating Slanka powders.
Some people do not tolerate large doses of minerals and vitamins. Drinking plenty of water before and after eating Slanka powders alleviates this problem. If this does not work, divide the content of each packet into two portions (that is, 3 packets = 6 meals). Do not forget to drink lots of water.
Sometimes I cannot sleep well when dieting.
This is due to the fact that during ketosis you will feel an influx of energy and do not need as much sleep as usual.
Can I eat Slanka products late in the evening?
It is important to divide three Slanka meals evenly throughout the day according to your usual eating times.
What to do about constipation?
It helps sometimes to drink a glass of warm water and, if you want, take also 1 Samarin pill. Be physically active and drink lots of water. Massage your body with a brush, especially the stomach area. Try fibre pills or mild laxatives. Consult a pharmacist. Take into account the fact that after you have been on the Slanka Maxi diet for some time, your intestines are quite empty and, as a result, bowel movement will be less frequent. It is important that you feel well during dieting. If the Slanka Maxi diet is not suitable for you, switch to the Slanka Combi diet.
Why do I have diarrhoea?
You do not probably tolerate high doses of vitamins and minerals. Divide one Slanka powder into two portions (that is, 3 powders = 6 meals).
I´m losing my hair. Why is that?
A rapid weight loss, stress, hormonal changes, etc. can cause a loss of hair. It is not the product itself that is causing your hair loss, but the actual change in your lifestyle. We recommend you to change to the weight program Slanka Combi and eat eg. 2 Slanka plus two smaller meals. When you return to eating regular food, your hair will grow back and our experience is that the hair usually comes back shinier and fuller than before.
My friend developed gallstones after losing much weight over a short period of time.
There is a risk of developing gallstones when losing weight very fast. The body gets rid of cholesterol, which turns in the gallbladder into crystals. These crystals may turn into gallstones. However, being overweight also involves the risk of developing gallstones.