Slanka Maxi – the fastest way to lose weight

What is ketosis?
The body produces ketone bodies while burning fat. A state of ketosis is achieved when the body receives a maximum of 450–500 kcal and of 50 grams of carbohydrates a day. A mild state of ketosis, into which the body enters during the Slanka diet, is not comparable to a pathological condition caused by diabetes.
What happens during ketosis?
Research indicates that the body burns ketones as well. This helps to preserves muscle cells during weight loss. In addition, ketones help you to feel more alert and supress the feeling of hunger. The majority of people feel the effects of this state after three days.
Bowel movement
Stress, sedentary lifestyle, coffee, tea, drinking an insufficient amount of water, not being physically active and other factors may affect the stomach. Constipation is a common problem among people whose work is sedentary and stressful. One way to relieve this condition is to take fibre pills. Take one pill in the evening of the third day with lots of water. From there on, take half a pill or a whole pill every second day, if necessary. Also, you can prepare flaxseed according to instructions given on the packaging. This does not involve the risk of terminating ketosis and it is very important to ensure regular bowel movement. While you continue to lose weight, it is very important that you feel well.
For how long may I adhere to the Slanka Maxi diet?
You can follow the diet for as long as you are in perfect health and overweight. Still, keep in contact with a Slanka consultant. You may adhere to the Slanka Kombi and Slanka Balanss diets for as long as you want.
What kind of liquids to drink during the Slanka Maxi diet?
We recommend just water. But you may also choose to drink coffee and tea (preferably red, green or white), but without milk and sugar; sugar can be replaced by an artificial sweetener. Another option is fizzy mineral water or beverages marked as light, but in a moderate amount. Keep in mind that you are trying to change your lifestyle.
Can I use lemon or cucumber slices to flavour drinking water during the Slanka Maxi diet?
No. Lemon and cucumber contain carbohydrates that may cause your body to stop ketosis.
Can I eat fruit during the Slanka Maxi diet?
No. The Slanka Maxi diet means that you eat only 3 packets of Slanka powder and drink 3 litres of water a day. Like other foods, fruit contain carbohydrates. If you eat anything else except for Slanka powders, your body will get energy first from food and after that form fat. If you feel that you cannot do without any food at all, eat some proteins, such as shrimp, chicken, tuna. But eating an extra amount of food should not become a habit. In such a case switch from the Slanka Maxi diet to the Slanka Kombi diet, which ensures that you keep losing weight, although at a somewhat slower rate.
Does the time of day when I eat Slanka powders play any role in weight loss?
Eat at the same time as usual. Leave 3–4 hours between meals. Eat your first Slanka shake in the morning in two hours after getting up. You can divide the rest of the two powders between four meals, especially when you have a low blood sugar level. Drink warm water, because this helps you to supress the feeling of hunger.
Does breaking the rules ruin the outcome of the diet?
Not at all. You continue to lose weight, but you may come out of ketosis and the scales can show that you have gained a few kilos, because carbohydrates bind up water in the body. If you tend to eat lots of snacks, it would be more practical to switch to the Slanka Kombi diet.
I have a low blood sugar level. What would be the best way to adhere to the Slanka Maxi diet?
Divide the content of one packet into two portions and add 150 ml water to each. This way you get six meals every two hours out of three packets.
I feel cold all the time.
You may feel cold while your body is burning fat, especially if you have opted for the Slanka Maxi diet. Wear warm clothes, be physically active and drink something hot. Wear warm socks when sleeping.
I have my period.
During your period, weight loss often stops and you may even weigh 2 kilos more and feel bloated. This is caused by water retention. Be concentrated on your goal and weigh yourself once a week. Soon the body will release excess water and your weight will continue to drop.
I want to lose three kilos and in my thighs, not in my chest. What should I do?
Unfortunately, selective weight loss is not possible. During weight loss you lose fat from all over your body. It is not possible to localise fat burning to certain parts of the body.
Why do I have bad breath?
Acetone is a part of ketone bodies and may cause bad breath. Brush your teeth more often and use mouthwash. In addition, try Slanka peppermint drops or Cool Caps, which ensure fresh breath and do not stop ketosis.
Can I eat at weekends something else, if I stick to the Slanka Maxi diet from Monday to Friday?
As soon as you eat anything else except for Slanka powder, your body will stop ketosis. You will feel hungry again and it will be more difficult to continue with the diet. Re-entering ketosis takes another three days.
What are the benefits of the Slanka Maxi diet?
You will break your bad habits. This gives you a chance to lose weight fast and the motivation to continue. It is worth it: over the course of just a week weeks you can lose lots of excess kilos and change your attitude toward eating. Weight loss means changing your eating habits once and for all, for the rest of your life. Take this as the start of your new and simpler life.
I have opted for the Slanka Maxi diet, but I crave for snacks. What can I eat for snacks?
If you have opted for the Slanka Maxi diet, all snacks are forbidden. If the feeling of hunger grows intolerable, eat 2–3 shrimps or a corresponding amount of chicken or fish, because these do not contain carbohydrates. This amount is small enough not to terminate ketosis. Or chew liquorice sticks, but do not swallow them.
Can I eat Slanka bars, if I have chosen the Slanka Maxi diet?
No. These bars contain too many carbohydrates.
BShould I make a break and eat regular food for a change, after I have been on the Slanka Maxi diet for a while? What is the best way to return to eating regular food?
No. After finishing the Slanka Maxi diet, it is recommended to return slowly to eating regular food. The first day, eat 100 grams of meat, fish or shrimps in addition to 3 packets of Slanka powder. The next day, eat 3 packets of Slanka powder, 100 grams of meat or fish and a small amount of boiled vegetables. Switching to regular food should be gradual, otherwise you may suffer from gastric problems. Over the next days eat 3 packets of Slanka powder and one regular meal, but not more than 1000 kcal a day. Slanka powders protect your muscles, providing your body with necessary minerals and vitamins, so that fat burning and weight loss are not stopped. This is a chance to put your self-control to the test. Continue according to this diet plan until you have reached the desired weight. Cutting out Slanka products and switching to regular food too fast involves the risk of you gaining several kilos. This can be caused by water, which is bound up in the body. Later, you can replace certain meals by Slanka powder, to maintain the desired weight. When eating, follow the so-called food plate model. Making Slanka powders a natural part of you life helps you to maintain the ideal weight.
How many carbohydrates can I eat during the Slanka Maxi diet?
None whatsoever.
How many proteins can I eat during the Slanka Maxi diet?
It would be best to eat nothing except for Slanka powders.
Are sugar-free chewing gums and candies allowed?
No, because both contain calories as well as carbohydrates, which keep your body from entering ketosis. Chewing gum contains xylitol or birch sugar, which is a carbohydrate. Brush your teeth often. We recommend Slanka peppermint drops and Cool Caps, which ensure fresh breath.
I’m going to a party on Saturday. What should I do?
Nice to hear, but it is you who decides whether to continue with the Slanka Maxi diet or not. When you are eating and drinking at a party, prefer meat, fish and shrimp and be careful with alcohol. This will not be the end. You will just come out of ketosis and feel hungrier. Do not weigh yourself. Enjoy the party and continue with the Slanka Maxi diet as soon as possible.
I went to a party the other day, ate a bit and drank a glass of wine. Is my diet ruined?
Not at all. You just came out of ketosis, which means that you will feel hungrier and gain a few kilos, because carbohydrates tend to bind up water in the body. When you carry on with the Slanka Maxi diet, your body will lose the excess water, you will continue to lose weight and the feeling of hunger will subside in 2–3 days as you enter ketosis.
Can I work out during the Slanka Maxi diet?
There are high-intensity and low-intensity workouts. Low-intensity workouts involve short training sessions (weight training, tennis, walking) and you can continue with that kind of exercising. It is very important to drink plenty of liquid. High-intensity sessions involve longer and harder training (indoors cycling, aerobics, running, etc.), and as such workouts put lots of pressure on the body, you need to be careful. If you do indoors cycling, you need to drink one more Slanka shake (that is, a fourth packet) – half of it 30 minutes before and half of it after a training session.