Weight loss with Slanka

– Easier life with a better taste

Slanka offers delicious milkshakes, soups and chocolate-toffee bars for all those, who desire to find a simpler and shorter route to easier and healthier life. Slanka products are the very first extra low-calorie diet foods that do not contain aspartame, gluten or soy flour. Slanka weight loss products meet all requirements established for extra low-calorie diet foods.

Slanka’s extra low-calorie milkshakes and soups contain highly valuable proteins. Milk proteins contain all important amino acids.

Flavour and quality

Our milkshakes, which are averagely sweet, are available in a selection of flavours. In Slanka products, aspartame is replaced by fructose. Chicken and vegetable pieces add thickness to soups, giving them their proper look.

Counselling based on experience

For several years now, Slanka has been active in the area of overweight-related health problems and extra low-calorie diet products, carrying out respective studies and counselling customers. Thanks to our experience and extensive work in the field of counselling, we have created a knowledge base that enables us to market first-class products, and a modern and effective weight loss model.

We are here to support you, but decisions are yours to make! For more information and advice, contact us by telephone or via the Internet, or meet us face to face, to get help that suits your needs.

Preparation of shakes

Slanka products are perfect for preparing in a shaker. Mix the content of one packet with 2.5–3 dl of water and shake well. A cold milkshake is best served with ice. To prepare a hot shake or soup, use a Slanka shaker without a sieve and warm in a microwave up to 60°C maximum. Put the soup aside for a couple of minutes for chicken and vegetable pieces to become soft. Consume the prepared mix in 10 minutes. Do not shake a warm shaker, because its cap can pop open from pressure. To give a cold shake thick consistency, use ice and a blender.

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Slanka products comply with the A-category requirements of the BRC certificate, which is the world’s leading quality standard for food products.