Milkshake Citrus
Lactose free


Fresh taste of orange and lemon


Ingredients: Lactose-reduced skimmed milk powder, pea protein, fructose, minerals (sodium chloride, magnesium citrate, potassium chloride, magnesium phosphate, potassium phosphate, calcium phosphate, ferric pyrophosphate, sodium molybdate, zinc sulphate, chromium chloride, potassium iodide, sodium selenite, manganese sulphate, copper sulphate) and vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B3, vitamin B7, vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, vitamin B9, vitamin B6, vitamin D3, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin K), chicory root fibre (inulin), vegetable oil (rapeseed), soy lecithin, flavouring, orange juice powder* (glucose syrup, concentrated orange juice), stabilizers xanthan gum and carrageenan, malic acid, colour beta-carotene, sweetener steviol glycoside. * the product contains 1 % orange