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A weight loss programme should be easy and flexible, or else you get tired and lose interest in adhering to it. It is you who chooses the pace of weight loss. It can be done quite fast, by adhering to the Slanka Maxi diet, or somewhat slower, by sticking to the Slanka Kombi diet. The Slanka Balanss diet helps you to maintain your desired weight.

Slanka Maxi

This is the most effective way of losing weight. Slanka Maxi diet requires that you eat only 3 packets of Slanka powder a day and nothing else. You can eat milkshakes and soups, but not chocolate-toffee bars. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day. When about four days have passed, ketone bodies start to function, helping to suppress appetite. Quick weight loss brings you encouragement and determination to continue with the diet. In order to follow this diet, you have to be in perfect health. Slanka products should not be used as the only source of nutrition for over 3 weeks in a row without consulting a Slanka consultant or a doctor. Although you should be physically active on a daily basis when following this diet, we recommend low-intensity workout sessions.

Slanka Maxi – First week

Transition to Slanka Kombi

Slanka Kombi

You can start your weight loss programme with the Slanka Kombi diet or switch to it from the Slanka Maxi diet. This diet requires that you eat 3 packets of Slanka powder for main meals and one serving according to the so-called food plate model. Drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day. When following the Slanka Kombi diet, you do not enter into ketosis and so losing weight takes more time. Adhere to the Slanka Kombi diet until you have reached the desired weight. One Slanka powder can be replaced by a chocolate-toffee bar. Be physically active on a daily basis.

Transition to Slanka Balans

Slanka Balans

When you have reached the desired weight and balanced the amount of received and burned calories, you can switch to the Slanka Balanss diet. Now it is your task to maintain this weight for the rest of your life and this means that you should not revert to your old eating habits.

In a week, replace 5–10 meals by Slanka powders or bars. Or replace snacks by Slanka products. Drink approximately 2 litres of water a day and be physically active. This is your chance for a better and healthier life!

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