Slanka MAXI

– First week

Slanka MAXI – What happens during the first week

For the first week, eat 3 Slanka powders and drink at least 3 litres of water a day. You can drink also coffee and tea, but without milk and sugar. After each Slanka meal drink a glass of water.

Day 1 Be concentrated on your goal. In the evening, you might feel hungry. Your body needs to switch to a different rhythm. Water plays an important role, so drink plenty of it. Go for a walk.

Success is built on a series of small victories.

Day 2 In the beginning, your body uses energy and carbohydrates accumulated in muscles and the liver. These deposit glycogen (sugar), which your body uses up first, before starting to burn fat. You may feel hungry, but if you eat 3 Slanka powders a day, you get all the necessary nutrients. You can lose weight!

Nothing is impossible, even if it is difficult!

Day 3 You have lost the first kilo. Drink plenty of water. After using up initial energy reserves, it is more difficult for the body to maintain a water balance. Drink water throughout the day. To feel well, you may drink up to 5 litres of water a day. The third day is often the most challenging one. If you eat now anything else except for Slanka powder, you will build up your body’s initial energy reserves and the fat burning process stops. Be concentrated on your goal. With each passing day, following the diet gets easier. You should have normal bowel movement.

Past losses pave the road for future success!

Day 4 By now, your initial energy reserves have been used up and the body starts to burn fat to produce energy. You feel better, even if from time to time tiredness seems overwhelming. The majority of people feel an influx of energy and require less sleep. Continue drinking water. Go for a walk on a daily basis.

Think more about what you want to achieve, not about what you want to avoid!

Day 5 You have survived the first difficult days. Usually, the body uses glycogen to nourish the brain, for example. When glycogen reserves have been used up, another form of energy is used to feed the brain: ketone bodies. These help you to feel well and alert. The feeling of hunger is not so prominent or disappears completely. Brush your teeth more often and use mouthwash, because there is a risk of developing bad breath. Use Slanka peppermint drops.

One small step at a time and you will get far!

Day 6 Your body is burning fat at maximum speed. Ketone bodies reduce the feeling of hunger. Slanka products provide your body with necessary nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, as well as with a balanced amount of proteins and carbohydrates, which keeps in check the number of ketone bodies generated. You can feel that your body is losing weight. At the same time, bowel movement is less frequent. Drink lots of water and avoid constipation.

He, who cannot do what he desires, must make do with what he can!

Day 7 The first week is almost over. Well done! You have proved yourself that you can be strong. Motivation helps you to change your behaviour and lifestyle, to achieve the desired weight.

The only thing you can change is the future. So make sure that it holds everything you wish for

Next days From here on, it is much easier to continue with the Slanka Maxi diet, if this is what you prefer. Keep in mind that you should feel well during the weight loss process. If the Slanka Maxi diet is not suitable for you, switch to the Slanka Kombi diet.